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Hi, welcome to the StoryTagger testing family

StoryTagger is LearnerLab’s complete storytelling service. It helps all kinds of organisations to crowdsource and share real, inspiring user-generated learning videos. Easily. Our StoryTagger service is made up of three parts: StoryPacks – our story frameworks, designed to capture engaging short learning stories. They can be customised to the needs of your organisation, product, conference or programme. StoryTagger mobile app – makes it easy for users to tap into our guided storytelling service and create, record and share their own personal learning experiences on video. StoryManager – our web administration service. It manages and moderates your content, as well as providing analytics to help you understand how it’s being used. Easy to use StoryTagger makes it easy for anyone to make and share a great learning story with expert, step-by-step coaching. All you need is a mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet. No production costs or training There’s no need to pay for location filming, paid interviews, editing, or specialist training. It’s fast for any number of people to create high quality learning videos, free from production costs. No technical infrastructure needed StoryTagger takes care of uploading, content management, moderation and analytics. So organisations don’t need to worry about additional equipment or digital infrastructure. StoryPacks Our StoryPacks draw on our experience and are at the heart of StoryTagger. They provide structure and guidance your organisation to create the kind of learning stories that will best support your goals. Categories cover: Corporate – helping colleagues to capture their own learning stories. Education – supporting classrooms, campaigns and communities effectively. Brand – to aid communication with consumers, generate advocacy within your organisation

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